Object Storage Backup S3

Reduce your backup costs with a 100% sovereign object storage solution (S3)

Use Leviia Object Storage for your S3 storage and backup strategy:

80% cheaper than Amazon S3.

- Billed per TB uploaded. No additional fees.

- Sovereignty 🇪🇺 🇫🇷 and geo-replication

- Available for monthly, annual, and administrative payment.

stockage objet sauvegarde S3
icone stockage objet sauvegarde S3
S3 compatible
icône 2 rgpd conformité
GDPR Compliant
ISO 27001 & HDSc certified
bouclier sécurité
French company
drapeau france
Servers in France.
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Cost-effective and predictable
No additional fees, neither for exit nor for API requests. Pay as you go. Monthly pricing. An object storage solution that evolves with you.
Truly sovereign
French company, servers in France. No government, no company, and no marketing program will have access to your data.
High Availability & Triple Replication
Our system is highly resilient: your data is synchronized across 3 remote data centers in France (Roubaix, Gravelines, and Strasbourg), providing a durability of 99.999999999%.
inter leviia
Total interoperability
Based on open-source technologies, our object storage solution is compatible with S3 (Veeam, Atempo, Synology, Cyberduck, etc.).
Our cost calculation chart is the simplest in the world.

Our prices include no additional fees. Our transparent and straightforward pricing model eliminates surprises, enabling accurate and reliable budget planning.

For a private cloud offer or an HDS (Health Data Hosting) solution, please contact us.

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Compare with our competitors!

At Leviia, our pricing structure is transparent and easy to understand, with no hidden fees.

  • No exit fees
  • No API request fees
  • 80% cheaper than Amazon S3
  • French company, servers located in France
Storage volume 200 To 1 To 1 Po
Percentage of
outbound traffic
25% 0% 100%
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  • €/an
  • €/an
  • €/an
  • €/an
  • €/an
This calculator uses tiered rates published by competing providers for the France region. The displayed results are estimates that require further verification on your part.

Technical Specifications

  • Data Durability: 99,999999999%
  • Encryption: HTTPS during transmission, AES 256 server-side
  • Erasure Coding: multi-site (Roubaix, Strasbourg, Gravelines)
  • Locking : available (protection against ransomwares)
  • Versioning : available

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veeam S3

An intuitive, easy-to-use console

  • Complete creation and management of your access credentials
  • Création et gestion complète de vos buckets
  • Versioning des objets déposés
  • Locking des objets déposés avec différents modes
  • Suppression sécurisée 2FA pour une sécurité optimale
Leviia ensures the confidentiality of your data

Whether their servers are in France or in the United States, our American competitors are subject to the Cloud Act, the Patriot Act, and the FISA. These laws can authorize American federal agencies to access your data. Criticized heavily, these laws are also suspected of being tools for economic espionage.

stockage objet sauvegarde S3

Leviia Object Storage
is ISO 27001 & HDS certified

Ideal for backing up sensitive data, including health information. Leviia Object Storage ensures the storage of your information with simplicity, adhering to the strictest standards and norms in terms of security. With enhanced protection, constant availability, and a guarantee of integrity and confidentiality, your backups are easily accessible, sovereign, and under your control.

Discover Leviia Object Storage HDS

stockage objet sauvegarde S3
How do we bill your usage?

Once again, our approach is very straightforward. You are only billed for the data you upload. You do not pay for downloads, API requests, or deletions of your data.

If, over the course of a month, you upload 100 TB and delete 20 TB, you will be billed for 100 TB.

If, over the course of a month, you upload 100 TB, delete 20 TB, and then re-upload 20 TB, you will be billed for 120 TB.

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