Made in France

Ecological and secure storage.

Your data accessible anywhere, anytime, with all your devices. No obligation.

Made in France

Ecological and secure storage.

Your data accessible anywhere, anytime, with all your devices. No obligation.

Why choose Leviia?

Fast, secure, ecological, without commitment … all that in France!

Maximum security

Military encryption, complete data segregation, anti-ransomware protection. Nothing is left to chance.

French servers

Completely independent from GAFAM. Servers in France and French company. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Without obligation

You can choose an offer and unsubscribe at any time and in 1 click. Freedom above all.

Delivery in 30 seconds

And… hop it’s ready!


All our carbon emissions are offset at 200%

Lightning fast

Based on NVME SSD technology (the fastest on the market), your files are there in the blink of an eye.

Incredibly fast servers.

1 Gigabit per second

Because every second counts, we don’t lose a single one.
Upload and transfer all your documents at incredible speeds.

30 photos in 4K

2 sec.

90 mp3 sounds

3 sec.

1 movie in HD

5,5 sec.

Try Leviia in 30 seconds
and test its performance.

Available natively with your files.




Synchronize your NAS / server directly with Leviia.

Freelancers, VSEs, SMEs, studios, associations… Backup your essential data
and don’t lose them anymore.

We support all NAS on the market.

Always available when you need it.

All your data is replicated on different servers and backups are made every night.

Don’t worry, we take care of everything!

Discover Leviia’s offers
delivered in seconds!

A paranoid system.

Because we don’t joke about your safety.

Anti-DDOS system

Data Partitioning

Military encryption

Anti-ransomware protection

Edit, share, create
all over the world.

The office suite is directly integrated into your Leviia offer, to create documents simply and without any limit.

Our non-binding price offers.

Our offers are incredible, our prices are even more so.

Our Personal offers

Offers designed for the backup of personal data (films, photos, files) and ideal for sharing documents with your friends, customers, etc.

Perso 1

100 GB
€2 HT / month
€1,80 HT / month
Or €21,60 HT / year

Perso 2

1 TB
€5 HT / month
€4,50 HT / month
Or €54 HT / year

Perso 3

2 TB
€10 HT / month
€9 HT / month
Or €108 HT / year

Perso 4

5 TB
€20 HT / month
€18 HT / month
Or €216 HT / year

Perso 45

10 TB
€40 HT / month
€36 HT / month
Or €432 HT / year

Our Expert offers

Volume-oriented offers, for clients with large amounts of data to back up (servers, NAS, etc.). The volume/price ratio is among the lowest on the market.

Expert 1

20 TB
€80 HT / month
€72 HT / month
Or €864 HT / year

Expert 2

50 TB
€200 HT / month
€180 HT / month
Or €2160 HT / year

Expert 3

100 TB
€390 HT / month
€351 HT / month
Or €4212 HT / year

Expert 4

500 To
1925 € HT / month
1732 € HT / month
Or 20784 € HT / year

Expert 5

1000 To
3800 € HT / month
3420 € HT / month
Or 41040 € HT / year


From €50 / month

For teams wanting a customised cloud with dedicated resources, users management and shared folders.

All our offers are non-binding: you can cancel your offer at any time.

What customers think of us.

You are our ambassadors.

I am the manager of a company with 9 employees and we work on environmental issues on a daily basis. For me, there is no question of moving forward with GAFAM … When I found Leviia, I said bingo ! I avoid Google and so on and I preserve the confidentiality of my clients’ and employees’ data. The big plus: it works everywhere, in France and abroad (our few missions in Morocco went very well with daily file exchanges of more than 5 gigabytes between Paris and Rabat). In short, we don’t put pressure on you, we can take the time to test it and then … we go for it because it’s efficient 😉
I occasionally have a few missions that require me to share large data files with my clients. I’ve been looking for a cheap platform for a long time and that leaves me free… with Leviia, it’s quite simple: I commit myself for a few months, I unsubscribe in one click without justifying myself and I can re-engage as soon as I have a new mission. In short, no commitment, freedom and savings, top of the top!
I use Leviia for all my work groups at the university. By dint of it, I’ve made some followers ^^ Personally, I use it on my computer and on my smartphone, all my files are accessible. No more need to carry around with your usb key or hard drive everywhere. Editing documents live is a great added value, especially as it is 100% office compatible. Many thanks to the editors :))
I’m the kind of person who has a head over heels and has lost my hard drive twice… the stress each time! I finally chose Leviia to store my data. It’s secure and I’m sure I won’t lose anything. My data is stored permanently and the stress is gone…
First of all, I liked the ecological dimension of the tool. I saw that the site promised that all carbon emissions were offset at 200%. I still asked questions before testing Leviia. Not disappointed at all, super competent and friendly customer service. You can feel that ecology is not a marketing principle but an assumed approach. Values that I totally share !!!

Frequently asked questions.

Our action for the environment

Leviia is with Reforest’Action, a company that fights to protect the environment and ensure reforestation. It is notably through them that we offset 200% of our CO2 emissions.

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