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We work every day for a sovereign and inclusive cloud storage

+300 000 users
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Restoring control
over your data
With us, you can be assured that your data is secure in France, never to be sold. Your privacy and business are safeguarded.
your daily life easier
All our solutions are co-designed with our users. Performance, simplicity, confidentiality, security—we work every day to be closely aligned with your needs.
Being accessible
to you, at the best price
All our offers and services are billed at a fair price so that every individual and every business, without exception, can access the best cloud solutions.
Listening to you
and supporting you
Committed and responsive, our French support team is here to assist you.

Our story

Since 2009, due to technical and political challenges, all French and European attempts to establish a sovereign cloud have faced setbacks.

In 2019, noticing the absence of French online storage services for a personal project, Arnaud and William Méauzoone took it upon themselves to create a solution. Their goal was to compete with GAFAM, providing the French market with cloud solutions that are 100% sovereign, efficient, and affordable.

After more than a year and a half of research and development, Leviia Drive was launched in October 2020. Rapidly, its services became available to businesses and administrations, offering them a secure, 100% French, and collaborative storage solution.

By 2022, Leviia Drive had already garnered over 300,000 users. This significant achievement enabled Leviia to secure a €3 million fundraising round in July of the same year from Xavier Niel’s personal holding.

In late February 2023, Leviia introduced an object storage solution tailored for businesses for whom data protection is a priority. Leviia aims to revolutionize this sector by offering a sovereign solution that is up to 4 times more cost-effective than alternatives provided by GAFAM.

Our founders

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