Data Storage Solution at the Best Price

Store, edit, and share your files on a
EU sovereign cloud

Leviia Drive is an all-in-one, sovereign, secure, and user-friendly cloud solution:

- compliant with French security and privacy standards;
- powered by 78% renewable energy. Targeting 100% by 2025.

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Servers in France
icône 2 rgpd conformité
GDPR compliant
drapeau france
French company
ISO 27001 certified
stockage et partage
Storage & sharing
Securely store your personal files and easily share them with your relatives. Access them from anywhere, at any time, on all your devices.
edition et collaboration
Editing and collaboration
Enjoy an integrated office suite. Your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., files are editable individually or collaboratively.
fichier volumineux
Large file sending
No more worries about large files! Share them quickly up to 1TB without an expiration date. Say goodbye to WeTransfer.
Calendar and planning
Organize your appointments and projects. Sync your calendar with your contacts and never miss any important events.

Smile, you're not being filmed

All servers in our secure cloud are located in France, and our protocols are 100% GDPR compliant. Leviia knows nothing about you and ensures it stays that way.

Whether their servers are in France or the United States, our American competitors are subject to the Cloud Act and the Patriot Act. These laws may authorize U.S. federal agencies to access your data. Criticized and suspected of being tools for economic espionage, these laws have raised concerns.

What does a sustainable cloud mean?

We make every effort to ensure that the development of Leviia is in line with current social, economic, and environmental challenges.

1 - Technological monitoring and data exploitation: our solutions are sovereign and secure to ensure total respect for the privacy of our users. No government or marketing program has access to their data.

2 - Renewable energy: all our servers are powered by 78% renewable energy. Targeting 100% by 2025.

3 - Energy efficiency: all our servers are shared to save 25% more energy compared to dedicated servers.

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Difficult to make it simpler

Your files accessible everywhere, all the time, from any device.

The French cloud Leviia seamlessly integrates into your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), on your phone (Android or iOS), or your browser. Simply drag and drop your files into your cloud space. Share them with just one click. That's it.

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nuage vert

Security is also our priority

Our military-grade security protocols ensure the protection of your data.

Replicated on three different geographical sites and backed up every night, your files will survive any disaster (like when your colleague accidentally put your report in the trash).

An office and collaborative Suite

Leviia provides you with an online office suite. Your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., files are editable directly online.

Convenient for making last-minute changes to a presentation from your smartphone or collaborating on a document with multiple contributors.