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Leviia Drive PRO is a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly professional cloud solution.
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ISO27001 & HDS certified
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GDPR compliant
Storage & Sharing
Securely store your business documents and easily share them with your collaborators. Access them from anywhere, at any time, on all your professional devices.
edition collaboration
Collaborative suite
Benefit from an integrated office suite within your professional environment. Your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., documents are editable individually or collaboratively with your team.
Available as a white-label solution with your domain name, colors, and compatibility with all your in-house technologies: SSO, NAS, etc.
Shared calendar
Schedule meetings and professional tasks directly from your business cloud. Sync your collaborators' calendars for optimal time management.

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Your Security: Our Top Priority

Your data is backed up and replicated across three geographical zones in France.

Our security protocols are of military-grade: data compartmentalization, advanced encryption, anti-ransomware protection. Whether it's your personal files, customer data, or professional projects, we make no compromises.
Leviia is ISO 27001 & HDS certified.

Your Data
is Worth Gold

That's why it must remain confidential

Expertise, intellectual property, trade secrets, financial statements, working documents: your data is the heritage of your business. This is why Leviia is a true trusted business cloud: we guarantee that no government, no company, and no marketing program will ever exploit them.


Leviia adapts to you, not the other way around.

White-label cloud. Integration with your SSO. Compatible with your NAS.

Our professional cloud is here to make your life easier. In addition to being able to customize your space with your domain name and colors, our cloud easily interfaces with your in-house technologies. And of course, Leviia is compatible with all files and operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux).

Manage your teams and collaborate without limits.

Integrated office suite and user management.

As a true collaborative cloud, Leviia integrates an office suite for real-time collaboration on all common office files. Leviia puts you in control of configuring your space: administer users (creation, groups, privileges) and manage storage quotas.

Leviia Drive Pro is also available in ISO 27001 & HDS version

Optimal security for your sensitive data, including health data.

Accessible and user-friendly, our drive ensures the protection, integrity, and confidentiality of your sensitive data while enabling smooth and secure sharing with your users. Opt for peace of mind: your information is managed in strict compliance with the most rigorous standards, for a secure, high-performance cloud certified for health data storage.

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