HDS certified storage
at the best price

🇫🇷 Leviia Storag3 (€5.99 excluding tax per terabyte per month) and Leviia Drive Pro (starting from €75 excluding tax per month) combine sovereignty and protection for your health data.Trust our certified HDS sovereign cloud storage solutions for optimal security and highly competitive prices.

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3000 professional clients
ISO 27001 & HDS certified
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French company
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Servers in France
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GDPR compliant
Cutting-edge security
Maximum protection for your data. Triple data replication in 3 remote data centers, daily backup, end-to-end and server-side encryption, anti-DDoS system, protection against ransomware. ISO 27001 & HDS certified.
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Best prices
Leviia Drive Pro and Leviia Object Storage are available at prices 3 to 4 times lower than those of our competitors.
Truly sovereign
French company, servers in France. No government, no company, and no marketing program will have access to your data.
Ongoing Commitment
In accordance with ISO 27001 and HDS standards, our policies, procedures, and controls ensure the continuity of our operations while ensuring impeccable service quality and security.
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ISO 27001 & HDS Certifications

Leviia achieved ISO 27001 & HDS certifications after just two years of existence.

We have implemented rigorous policies and procedures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive health data from our clients. This ensures maximum protection against unauthorized access, leaks, or data losses, in compliance with regulations such as GDPR and French legislation on health data protection.

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Comprehensive HDS Coverage for the Entire Company

Our ISO 27001 and HDS certification extends across our entire organization, covering all our products, services, processes, businesses, and employees. We strive to ensure the highest possible information and data security. Our provider, OVH, is also certified, ensuring complete coverage from our suppliers to our own services. As a result, our sovereign HDS cloud storage is covered within perimeters 1 to 6.

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SMSI at Leviia: The Union of Compliance and Security

To effectively secure our clients' data, we have implemented an SMSI (Information Security Management System) compliant with ISO 27001 & HDS standards. This system incorporates technical and organizational measures, as well as rigorous policies and procedures, promoting service continuity and ongoing improvement. With this SMSI, our cloud storage services are designed to be reliable, resilient, ensuring integrated security and confidentiality throughout their lifecycle.

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Constant Monitoring and Operational Maintenance

This oversight includes daily checks, regular updates, monitoring vulnerabilities, meticulous tracking of compliance and health indicators of our information system, and frequent testing of our products and services. Additionally, control audits are scheduled each year until the next renewal.

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