at a large scale!

If you are a company or an administration and wish to deploy Nextcloud for thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of users with a storage volume in multiple terabytes or petabytes, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Leviia is among the few certified Nextcloud Platinum providers in the world.

Nextcloud platinium
Nextcloud Platinium Partner
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GDPR compliant
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Servers in France
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3000 professional clients
It's up to you to decide on the configuration regarding speeds, servers, SSO, SLA, backups... Our solution is compatible with all your in-house technologies.
Our proprietary technology allows grouping hundreds of thousands of users in a single Nextcloud instance.
Triple replication of your data on three sites in France (Gravelines, Roubaix, Strasbourg). WAF protection and antivirus according to your needs.
Leviia is ac EU/French company, 100% GDPR compliant, with its servers in France. In three words: EU sovereign cloud.

We're customizing a Nextcloud instance just for you...

Whether you're looking to implement SSO, an antivirus, a WAF, restrict certain functions, or develop others, our technical expertise allows us to provide a highly available Nextcloud solution tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

As evidence, Leviia is recognized as one of the top 10 certified Nextcloud Platinum providers worldwide!

... open source
and EU/French

Leviia positions itself as an expert in mastering open-source tools such as Nextcloud, OnlyOffice, Collabora, Kubernetes, Docker... This expertise allows us to build a highly secure technical infrastructure tailored to your needs.

No software or a single line of American or Chinese code is present throughout the data storage chain.

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