The best European way to store you data

Fulfill EU companies data protection requirements and expand you business in Europe with Leviia:
- GDPR compliance.
- ISO 27001 & HDS.
- Geo-distributed across 3 data centers.
- Built on open source technology.

3000 professional clients
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300 000 users
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European company
Data centers in Europe
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Your clients control their sensitive data, free from foreign laws.
You get top security standards: ISO 27001 and HDS (health data hosting). Geo-distributed across 3 DC.
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Your storage costs are drastically reduced. Up to 4 times more affordable than the competition.
You have a direct access to a local European team for support, care and knowledge in market regulation.
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ISO 27001 & HDS Certifications

Leviia achieved ISO 27001 & HDS certifications after only two years of existence.

We have implemented rigorous policies and procedures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data from our clients. This ensures maximum protection against unauthorized access, leaks, or data losses, in compliance with regulations such as GDPR and European legislation on data protection.

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Security is our top priority

Data are replicated across 3 data centers and a backup is performed every day.

We lock access to data using the AES-512 LUKS encryption algorithm, a standard considered unbreakable and deployed within many governmental organizations. The SSL/TLS-HTTPS encryption of our system, as well as our anti-DDoS shield, guarantee you constant and secure access to your data. Leviia cloud also includes anti-ransomware protection through WORM (Write Once Read Many) backups.

Enjoy savings of up to 80% compared to our competitors

Leviia Object Storage is offered at $5.99 excl. VAT/TB/month with no additional fees, while Leviia Drive Pro starts at €50 per month. Our rates are on average three to four times more affordable than other solutions on the market."

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